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Medium and Small Businesses across India - use LedgerTap's billing, inventory management & accounting software - to easily manage and grow their business.

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LedgerTap - A Complete GST Accounting and Inventory Management Software Package

With your accounting data stored offline, you can track sales, optimize stock, create invoices and understand your business better. Even more, its very easy to use, no prior accounting experience or training required.

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Create GST Bills and share with your customers Easily

With LedgerTap you can now create professional bills in compliance with Goods and Service Tax in India.

Print & share your invoices online & offline with your customers. Create proforma invoices and easily share with your parties. LedgerTap allows to personalize invoice format and template according to business owner requirements.

Even more, When you create invoice, LedgerTap automatically reduces stock for the items sold to the party. Free up your time with LedgerTap's integrated inventory management system and focus on growth of your business.

This makes it the most powerful and best GST billing, accounting and inventory management software in India. It is lifetime free for small business owners whose yearly transactions are low.

Get Realtime Inventory & Stock Detail in a single click

With LedgerTap's Inventory Management software, you can get your latest stock balance status, with a single click. Track items and get current status of each and every stock item. Get current value of your stock instantly.

LedgerTap's automatic stock control system is integrated with its accounting system. When you issue bills, proforma invoices or enter new purchases, it will automatically adjust the right quantity in the stock ledger.

Export your realtime stock reports to excel for further analysis. You can easily maintain more varieties and store sufficient stock of high volume items with this simple accounting and inventory management software. Avoid unnecessary item bulk purchases which will block your funds that might lay unsold and get damaged over time.

Even more, you can personalize and automate your complete inventory by printing barcode labels in this inventory software. Simply stick the labels to your items and use a barcode scanner during sale to atomatically detect it during billing and invoicing.

GST filing made simple and easy

Get automatic GST Return Reports in accordance with Goods and Services Tax Act. Generate up to date GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3b for GST Return filing on GST portal. File your returns timely and avoid penalties and notices from Tax department.

Small and medium business owners can now focus on growing their business. Simply use LedgerTap to issue GST invoices and GST bills to customers during sale. Enter all your GST purchases into the system. And other tax related vouchers into the LedgerTap accounting software. LedgerTap will automatically process all the bill and voucher data according to Goods and Service Tax Act. And generate all the relevant GST Return reports. Get all the GST reports for the previous month, quarter or period and avoid late penalties and notices by the Sales Tax department.

As GST rules and filing system changes and amended from time to time, LedgerTap keeps the software updated with such changes and you can always get latest reports in compliance with the latest changes.