4 Tips for Small Businesses to survive and grow during and after Covid-19

An opportunity to strengthen your business operations and prepare for growth

Small businesses, freelancers, and start-up companies are experiencing major difficulties right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While nearly all the states in India are re-opening during these months, the economy is not bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels. Market demand is not picking up, especially in non-essential goods and services sector. Protecting your small business through thoughtful planning is essential to survive and thrive during and after COVID-19.

Here are four steps small business owners can take today to prepare themselves on the path to success and survival.

1. Right time to digitize your business and financial reporting

It may seem more trouble than it’s worth, but digitizing your business data is vital to survive during these difficult times. Don’t waste your time calculating, reviewing, auditing your sales, expenses and profit data, manually from excel sheets.

You can implement a simple GST Accounting Software for day to day business operations. It will help you to maximize your efficiency and your business potential by automating a lot of manual and time consuming tasks.

2. Optimize stock and inventory

Optimizing and automating your inventory can play a major role in maximizing profit for your business. Unnecessary stock purchase can lead to damage of goods and blockage of funds. Analyze your purchase requirements by your historical sales data and procure accordingly.

Businesses that use an Stock Management software thrive in the market by stocking the right amount of inventory during festive sales and promotional activities. Keep your stock at optimum levels by using a simple and easy to use inventory management software.

3. Plan for expansion and increasing customer base

Looking beyond your present market share will certainly increase your sales revenue and customer base. Try to acquire new customers by increasing your supply area. You can analyze your business data to find potential hot locations which can provide you opportunities for growth.

Many successful businesses increase their inventory items and maintain large stocks to attract customers from other segments of your industry.

4. Take advantage of free softwares available in the market

Many small businesses are cutting their expenses dramatically, but it doesn’t mean your sales and profit efforts need to halt altogether. Explore the free GST Accounting and Inventory Management Software available in the market. Automating and digitizing your business is essential to survive during Covid-19.

Utilize this time and use it as an opportunity to prepare your business for post Covid-19 times. Enable your business to grow at its maximum rate as demands slowly bounce back to pre-pandemic levels.