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Wholesale & Distribution

Avoid credit losses
Track all your receivables with LedgerTap automatically, and get freed up to focus on growth of your business.

With LedgerTap you can manage your cash flow easily and get real-time stock balance - to get a solid grip over your business.

View pending payments at the click of a button and send reminders to your customers for clearing. It saves time wasted in processing the data manually and reduces chances of error. Eventually, it helps in minimizing direct revenue loss and improving relationship with your customer.

As your business grows, you can optimize your stock using LedgerTap's inventory reports data. This will help you in maximizing your return on working capital utilized for inventory.

A complete solution for your business  
Retail & Supermarket

Create professional GST invoices
Share GST invoices personalized as per your specific business requirements.

Make your brand for free! Create professional branded invoices and share with your valued customers. Send by email or download in pdf format and share on whatsapp.

Create proforma invoices and easily share with your parties. LedgerTap allows to personalize invoice format and template according to business owner requirements.

Even more, when you create invoice, LedgerTap automatically adjusts stock items. Free up your time with LedgerTap's integrated inventory management system and focus on growth of your business.

This makes it the most powerful and best GST billing, accounting and inventory management software in India.

Billing App for retail business  
Garment & Apparel

Follow GST compliance easily
With LedgerTap you can keep your business 100% GST compliant at all times easily.

Avoid late fees and penalties by filing GST returns within due dates. LedgerTap provides you all the statutory reports you need to file for your GST compliance with a single click.

Small and medium business owners can now focus on growing their business. Get all the GST reports for the previous month, quarter or period and avoid late penalties and notices by GST department.

As GST rules and filing system changes and get amended frequently, LedgerTap keeps the software updated with such changes and provides latest reports in compliance with the latest changes.

A complete GST solution  
Electrical & Hardware

Maintain stock variety easily
Grow your customer base by maintaining stock variety for fast selling items and increase sales

Avoid stocking low selling items that blocks your funds and godown space. Reduce risk of wastage and damage of bad stock. Maximize your profits with optimum inventory.

Export your realtime stock reports to excel for further analysis. You can easily maintain more varieties and store sufficient stock of high volume items with this simple accounting and inventory management software. Avoid unnecessary item bulk purchases which will block your funds that might lay unsold and get damaged over time.

Even more, you can personalize and automate your complete inventory by printing barcode labels in this inventory software. Simply stick the labels to your items and use a barcode scanner during sale to atomatically detect it during billing and invoicing.

Stock & inventory management tool