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LedgerTap desktop helps you manage and scale your business by enbaling you to take informed and data based decisions.

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Features that make LedgerTap stand out
from the rest

If numbers don't add up

Verify transaction data with a click

Whenever there is mismatch in the amount with your parties ledger book or bank account statement. LedgerTap enables you to easily find the cause of value mismatch with a few simple clicks. LedgerTap has inbuilt drill-down reports to show the underlying data behind summarized figures from the report itself.

Save your precious time by avoiding unnecessary tasks of complex reconciliation and error finding. With LedgerTap you can easily tally multiple reports and transaction details to check if any transaction is missing or wrongly entered.

Highly performant & scalable system

LedgerTap can easily handle 100,000+ items without slowing down. While most systems slow down as volume increases, with LedgerTap you can maintain lakhs of items and thousands of customers without slowing down its performance. LedgerTap's state of the art architecture allows you to scale your business and stay future proof.

GST filing made simple and easy

Get automatic GST Return Reports in accordance with Goods and Services Tax Act. Generate up to date GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3b for GST Return filing on GST portal. File your returns timely and avoid penalties and notices from Tax department.

Small and medium business owners can now focus on growing their business. Simply use LedgerTap to issue GST invoices and GST bills to customers during sale. Enter all your GST purchases into the system. And other tax related vouchers into the LedgerTap accounting software. LedgerTap will automatically process all the bill and voucher data according to Goods and Service Tax Act. And generate all the relevant GST Return reports. Get all the GST reports for the previous month, quarter or period and avoid late penalties and notices by the Sales Tax department.

As GST rules and filing system changes and amended from time to time, LedgerTap keeps the software updated with such changes and you can always get latest reports in compliance with the latest changes.

Your data is safer when you have it

Your accounting data contains all the trade secrets and client information of your business. Like your customers, your profit margins, purchase rate of items and your supplier information. If you lose these information, your business can be compromised and will be in danger.

With LedgerTap, your business's most important asset i.e. data is kept in your system only. There is no upload of data to online servers as most cloud accounting software do.

You can choose where to keep the data and keep it safely with backup in pen drive and hard disks.

You only have 100% control of your data. It is the safest way to secure your trade information and protect your business from your competitors and other bad elements.

You can automatically backup and sync your upto date data to your google drive account or any cloud service you of your choice. Easily encrypt your data in cloud and hard disks or flash drive and keep it in a safe and secure place.


Work on Multiple PCs over LAN

Unleash the true power of LedgerTap with a Client-Server Architecture. LedgerTap Server offers powerful data server capabilities. Its server-based Data Architecture unleashes greater concurrency, secured data access, and advanced monitoring capabilities.

LedgerTap is truly an Enterprise Class product that helps fast-growing medium and large businesses improve their business efficiency.

Updates and Support
Stay updated with latest product features and get live support for issues

Regular Updates with New Version Releases

Regular product updates ensure that your LedgerTap software caters to your ever-changing business requirements.

Avail new product enhancements & major releases at frequent intervals Ensure compatibility with the latest technological and statutory changes

Live Support to help you in case you need it

In case you are facing any issue. We are more than happy to help you out.

Simply, contact us via email or phone and we will surely respond to your queries and issues. Kindly, mention your product serial no. and contact details.

Customization and Enhancements
Now adapt your software to meet your specific business requirements. Enhancement and integration is integral to LedgerTap ecosystem.

Achieve higher efficiency in operations and management by leveraging customization and integration. With LedgerTap's flexible and highly customizable architecture, you can modify and enhance it to suit your specific business requirements with ease.

For any customization and enhancement related requirements, contact us via email or phone.